Who am I

Liyang Qu is a second-semester freshman at Purdue University. He is majored in UX design and is planning to take minors in Psychology and Computer Science to explore his career path. Currently, he is looking forward to any opportunity to earn more working experience to expand his career.


He was born in Wuhan, China. He is the only child in his family. After finished his middle school in China, His family moved to Fairfax, Virginia. And he started his high school there. He showed his interest in graphic design during his first year of high school. As he continually exploring the possibility throughout his high school career, He discovers that he enjoys the accomplishment that digital graphic design offered to him and decided to pursue a higher education in it while in college. He has four years extended experience with Photoshop and illustrator. During high school years, He helped his church with technical support in lyric slides. This granted him the experience of making a visually pleasing slide for the congregation.

He admitted himself as a serious gamer. One of the things he enjoys to do during his free time is to learn the interaction between the game and people who are playing it. He enjoys the process of learning different design mechanics in the game. He found that UX design ties into those very closely. However, he is not pleased with the recent video game trending of microtransaction. A cohesive game experience and interesting design should be the focus of a good game. Other than gaming, he is also a devoted Christian and willing to use his skill to help. If you would like to make contact with Liyang Qu, He is using the following Email address: qu76@purdue.edu.